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When we think of our cars we tend to think of them as modes of transport alone. Of course this is the primary use of a car and it’s the reason most of us will buy one in the first place, however it is far from the only role of a car and in many ways it can become almost a part of us due to how often we use it and how much we come to rely on it.

And other people will think this way about your car too. In other words your car will come to represent you and to reflect you in their eyes, and the car you drive is very much something people use to learn more about you. Here we will look at what your car says about you.

Status Symbol

First of all, a car is very much a status symbol and that’s the way that many people view it. If you can afford a nice car then this of course suggests that you are fairly wealthy and doing fairly well for yourself, and people will guess your wealth based on this limited information often. To the right person this status symbol can also be very attractive, and many people will of course use a car to try and attract members of the opposite sex.


At the same time though, this doesn’t mean that you can make yourself look more attractive and successful simply by buying an expensive car and sometimes this can have quite the opposite effect. For instance if you are very young and you buy a very posh and expensive BMW then you can risk looking simply like a poser (though this is of course up to you). Worse though, if you are getting into your senior years and you buy yourself a red Ferrari Spider then people will think one thing as you drive past: ‘mid life crisis’.

When people see a car without seeing the driver you see, they will immediately assume certain basic facts about the driver based on the make and model – even your gender. A people carrier for instance is usually the sign of a Mum with lots of children to ferry to and from school. If the wrong person steps out of the car when it stops this can then be quite jarring.

As such then it’s important to try and get a car that looks good and that shows your status in a way you want to, but that also fits your demographic.

Self Sufficiency

It’s not just the make and model of a car that tells people things about you, it’s also the way it’s been looked after. If you drive around in a car covered in bird droppings and with scratched paint then people will think that you have let yourself go, that you aren’t a great driver, and that you need to look into off road parking. On the other hand if it’s pristine and shiny they might think that you are perhaps a little vein, but at least you will look like you’re capable of looking after yourself and not as though you are falling to pieces. Again this can reflect status as your car will look older and less impressive if it is badly maintained.

Interests and Personality

Your car can also communicate your interests and personality. For instance if your car is a real beast that’s completely kitted out and well known to be a great car, then this suggests you like cars..

At the same time the way you customize your car can tell people a lot about you. For instance if you opt for a bumper sticker then this can let people know your sense of humor, your religion or your politic leaning. And even the choice of car can tell people things about you: is the color and design an ostentatious one? Or quietly efficient? Is it modern or traditional in look? And is it incredibly fast or very fuel efficient?

What does your car say about you?

Brian Petrelli is a part of Carsmetics team and he likes sharing his views about cars, automobiles and related topics through guest posts.

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