Orlando Rental Cars

Nothing appeals to the avid adventurer quite like the open road.  For many Americans and travelers alike, renting a car is a must whether you’ll be visiting for a day, a week or two, or if you live there.  In the stunning city of Orlando, with theme parks, world class shopping, museums, nightlife, and a hundreds of amazing restaurants to try, the only way to truly enjoy your time and take in all the sights is by harnessing that all encompassing power of the road.

From high end luxury cars to minivans and SUVs big enough for the entire family, finding the right rental car is as important to your trip as the hotel or even the destination itself.  For every lifestyle, there is a unique rental car best suited to your needs.  Keep in mind when choosing a rental car a few basic points:

  1. Head count.  You need to know about how many people you need to accommodate.  My rule of thumb is: number of passengers multiplied times 1.25.  If you have 4 people traveling, get a vehicle that can easily accommodate 5.  Having that extra space is particularly helpful if you plan on doing any shopping, visiting any outdoor venues, like Orlando’s latest attraction, Screamin’ Gator Zip Line.  Enjoy an aerial view of Florida’s famed Everglades on this stunning, eco-friendly attraction.
  2. Budget.  For a newly wed couple, check for deals on luxury car rentals or find a great convertible to allow you to enjoy the wind in your hair as you cruise along Orlando’s scenic roadways.  For those looking to explore Orlando and the nearby Space Station, look into getting a fuel-efficient car to help maximize those vacation dollars.  For families, check into a minivan versus a stylish SUV.  Another point to consider is time – how long you’ll be using the car and the distances you plan to travel.  For some much needed discounts, check into bundling your travel arrangements, see if you credit card offers discounts, or evne check online for any ways to save when booking a rental car.
  3. Timing.  Did you know it can occasionally be cheaper to rent a car for a full week, even if you only need it for 4-5 days?  Also, certain vehicles are cheaper at certain times during the week or month.  Play around with the dates to find the cheapest rental option for you.

While many hotels offer shuttles to the amusement parks, there is just no substitute for having your own transportation to take you where you want to go, when you want to go.  Centrally located in Florida’s Panhandle, Orlando is within easy driving distance of many major metro areas, is a short drive from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.  No where else do you have such versatility and diversity at your fingertips than while you’re enjoying Orlando.

Any reason is a good reason to explore Miami in a rental car, whether you’re a lifelong resident playing tourist for a day, a family coming to enjoy the amusement parks and sea life, or a couple looking for an adventure.  Orlando’s myriad of activities and attractions will be at your fingertips, just down the road.  Enjoy the ride.