How to Find Hotels best Deals in Orlando Florida

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How to Find Hotels best Deals in Orlando Florida

Travel has never been more accessible or affordable than it is today, especially if your vacation destination is the Sunshine State.  It you’re looking for hotel deals in Orlando, Florida – one of the premiere cities to visit – there are a myriad of hotel discounts that the savvy shopper can find.  Here are a few of my favorite ways to find a great price on a hotel stay:

  • Check online

There are many travel sites like,, and that cater to vacationers looking for the best deal on hotels.  Orlando is a city built on tourism and as such has an astonishing variety of national and international hotel chains, bed and breakfasts, and all manner of hotels in between.  Depending on the time of year you decide to come for a visit, the price range will see a dramatic variance.  Vacationing during the off-season will easily save you hundreds of dollars and help you beat the crowds.

  • Call the hotel directly and ask for their best rates

Many hotels are able to negotiate a better rate if you call them directly.  Don’t be afraid to call a few hotels and ask what their rates are.  It never hurts to tell them that you would love to stay with them, but your concern is the cost.  In this economy, many hotel managers would rather make a deal and have your business and gain a satisfied customer than have a room or suite stay empty.  Each empty room is a loss of revenue and some money is always better than none.

  • Ask for upgrades

Once you’ve booked a room, it’s really time to negotiate.  Often times, a simple request will get you a premium room, a fridge and microwave at no extra cost, or other small amenities that are worth asking for.  If you book through priceline, call and ask for the type of arrangement you want – whether it’s a king sized bed, an oversized (handicap accessible) bathroom, or even daily newspaper service.  Many of these amenities are available to you at no extra cost.

  • Extended Stay Hotels

Particularly beneficial for families, an extended stay hotel is more of a mini-apartment, complete with kitchenette, small living room, and bedroom.  The couch can often double as a sleeping spot for children and the bonus of having a kitchenette will cut down on the expense of eating at restaurants for each meal and allow you to purchase your own beverages – not be at the mercy of overpriced hotel vending machines.

  • Utilize your connections

Often members of a bank can get a special rate, members of AARP are always offered travel deals, even credit card companies have negotiated rates for their customers, especially in tourist destinations and major cities like Orlando.  If you bought an entertainment book, they have a section on travel deals.  If you’re a member of a club, group, or organization – ask if there are discounts available to you.

Looking for more ways to save?  If you book with a credit card that offers rewards for your purchases, you can earn a little of your hard-earned dollars back.  Book through a website that offers points or cash back for booking through them.  There are endless ways to save on your next Orlando vacation.  And don’t forget – even cities have a visitor website that can offer more ways to save.  Your Florida vacation awaits, and don’t worry, there are plenty of deals to be found – all you have to do is look for them.

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