Car Rental Orlando Airport

People going on vacations or business trips often leave their cars behind. Unless they are going on a road trip, travelers usually cannot take their cars with them. Planes, trains or ships do not have room for their passengers’ vehicles. Leaving the car behind is the only choice. The next question to be solved is what to do about transportation when they arrive at their destination. Most people engage the services of a car rental company. Renting a car is an acceptable alternative to using public transportation or walking, especially in a foreign country.

It is very impractical to purchase or lease a car for the short duration of the trip. Renting a car is cost-effective and cheap, especially if the renter has a good driving record and high-quality insurance coverage. Car rentals are used all over the United States and most of the world for business and pleasure trips.

Orlando International Airport and the surrounding Orlando metropolitan area is the largest rental car market in the world. (1) Florida is the second-most visited state in the U.S and a popular destination for vacationers. Disney World is a premiere theme park attracting world-wide visitors and families.

Orlando International Airport plays host to several major car rental companies such as Enterprise, Avis and Advantage. Car rental Orlando airport has never been easier. The presence of so many companies gives customers the ability to get exactly what they want in a rental car. Importantly, all of the companies are located within the airport, so there is no need to take a shuttle.


Enterprise Rent-A-Car has a wide variety of options to meet the needs of the most unique travelers. Enterprise offers rental car locations near Disney World for visitors’ convenience. The company also has several types of car classes, including minivans, SUVs and pickup trucks or cargo vans. Enterprise can meet the demands of large groups of people, so no one needs to miss out on a special event, such as a visit to Cape Canaveral or the Kennedy Space Center. The company can help customers find their way around Orlando, which is filled with attractions like restaurants, theaters and parks. Enterprise helps customers find their way to a great time.


Orlando is America’s family vacation headquarters. No rental car company is more dedicated to get the family out of the airport and into Orlando than Avis. Avis customers can sign up for their Preferred Service allowing them to skip the rental counter line and go right to their waiting car. Avis can help families get minivans or SUVs, but they have to be reserved in advance. Each of Avis’s minivans and SUVs seat seven people or more. Available models include the Dodge Grand Caravan, Chevrolet Express and the GMC Yukon. Long-term rentals of these vehicles can be arranged.


Budget, like all of the rental car companies listed here, has a location conveniently within the airport. The company has a wide selection of car models available. Over 40,000 passengers come through Orlando International Airport daily, and Budget has the ability to meet the needs of all of them. Budget requires customers to present identification, which may include a driver’s license, a valid credit card and a valid passport. This requirement will vary based upon the needs of the customer.

E-Z Rent-A-Car

E-Z in car rental Orlando Airport offers rental car rates up to 30 percent cheaper than E-Z’s competitors. Teams of analysts are always checking to make sure customers get the lowest rates on the market. With a full selection of rental vehicles, E-Z can meet the needs of any traveler or group of travelers. A focus on convenience and customer service make E-Z Rent-A-Car the first choice for many customers. Families and business travelers alike are quickly spirited to their destinations, whether a hotel, Disney World or some other attraction. E-Z can provide customers with top-quality service.