10 Tips To Help You Save Money With Cheap Car Rentals

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10 Tips To Help You Save Money With Cheap Car Rentals

Many consumers have a hard time figuring out if the deal they are closing on is going to benefit them especially in today’s world of cutthroat competition and competitive marketing. Most people will go with any price just to avoid hassles that come from trying to find discounts. This includes getting car rental discounts.

Today, if you wade through the different car rental agencies, you’re going to find it’s difficult to find cheap car rental places. After all, you have product inflation and gas price increases, which make it hard to keep the price of products down. How can you keep have cheap car rentals?

10 Tips To Find Yourself Some Cheap Car Rentals

1 – Use Internet Sites To Reserve Your Vehicle

Rather than deal with an agent face to face, reserve a cheap car rental through the Internet. Many car rental agencies offer Internet only discounts that could be quite beneficial. Use those discounts to your advantage so you can save a lot of money.

2 – Get The Maximum Amount Out Of Your Rental

If you want cheap car rentals, you should try getting the most out of it. The majority of car rental agencies demand you fill up the gas tank before you bring it back to them. Be sure you fill it with the cheapest gas possible. If you let them do it, you’ll be paying a lot more for the gas and contract.

3 – Use One Rental Agency Only

If you use the same car rental company for your needs, these companies are more inclined to give you discounts, coupons, additional miles, etc for renting from them constantly.

4 – Change Over Your Frequent Flyer Miles

See if the car rental companies will exchange your frequent flyer miles into car rental miles. This can be very useful if you’ve got flyer miles that are going to expire soon. Don’t let them go to waste. Get a cheap car rental with them instead.

5 – Make Reservations Early

When you want cheap car rentals, make your reservations early on. Rental car agencies will give out discounts to customers who reserve their vehicles early on.

6 – Pick Up Your Vehicle Early In The Day

As soon as the car rental agency opens the door, you should be there for your vehicle. The reason is that most people won’t have the vehicle back in time, which means you might be able to get an upgrade for free.

7 – Check Out Hotel/Car Rental Packages

Another great way to save money is to get a package that includes both your hotel and your car. Or, if you’re going with a cheap car rental, something that includes air fare, hotel stay and the car rental, as they’ll give you some deep discounts and you won’t have to make reservations for each individual one.

8 – Name Your Own Price Site

Many cheap car rental agencies are going with a name your own price to bring customers to their business. While this can be a good thing for your wallet, you still need to do your research into the company. Be sure you don’t get swindle for all the little extras. Also, once the reservation is made, you won’t be able to back out.

9 – Weekly Rates

If you’re using the car for more than a week, you’ll want to ask about weekly discount rates. Most car rental agencies will already do this but make sure so that you can get the best deal possible with all the discounts you can get.

10 – Pick Car Up At Shop

One final way to save money is to pick up your rental car from the shop, not the airport. When you do this, you’re not hit with surcharges.

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