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Discount Car Rentals In Orlando Florida

Rental cars are the primary means of transportation for the many tourists who visit the Sunshine State each year. Whether your destinations include the beaches or the major attractions, the best way to travel is to rent a car. Vacationers from all over the world arrive daily in Orlando, so the best way to ensure your choice of Orlando rental cars is available would be to reserve one online. Florida is a fun state to visit, and the entertainment knows no bounds so the independent traveler will want to rent a car for their adventures.

Rental Car Contract Requirements

Orlando Car Rental takes pride in offering great rental rates for any length of rental contract. There are some requirements that each driver must meet prior to signing a rental car agreement.

• Drivers must be at least 21 years of age.

• Every driver must have a valid driver’s license from their country of origin.

• The credit card that will pay for the rental must belong to the primary driver, and the names must match.

• Citizens of Mexico, Canada, and the United States can rent a car with the driver’s license serving as adequate identification.

• Drivers from other countries must provide a valid passport prior to signing the rental contract.

• International Driver’s Licenses are not legal proof of identification without the passport.

• Auto insurance is required and is available for purchase from the rental car company if the individual does not carry sufficient personal coverage.

Rental Car Selection

Streamlining the rental car inventory has become a necessity for agencies throughout the country. Specialty vehicles may or may not be available for your group. Here are some important points about the available vehicles:

• Large parties might have to rent two sedans instead of a van because of the inventory changes.

• Because of the popularity of Florida as a vacation destination, Orlando rental cars must be reserved well in advance.

• Early reservation details can be modified as time passes, but an existing reservation is necessary in peak seasons. Many car rental agencies will rent their entire inventory each day.

• Additional fees will be assessed for extra drivers and those drivers between the ages of 21 and 25.

• If your travel plans include dropping the rental car off at a different location, a drop charge will be applied to the contract.

• Surcharges on fuel will be applied if the car is not returned with a full gasoline tank.

• When you rent a car Orlando Florida car agencies will assess various fees. Ask about fees prior to completing your rental agreement to prevent surprises.

Optional Extras

Every driver must consider the legal requirements of safe and efficient travel in unknown locations. Ask about the availability of the following extras that can make your trip easier.

• Child safety seats – Florida has state laws concerning the safety requirements for children of certain ages. At the time the reservation is created, remember to reserve appropriate child safety seats for your stay.

• GPS device – Some drivers are more directionally-challenged than others, and there are GPS navigational systems available for your time in Orlando.

• Toll payment device – Certain routes through Orlando will require affordable tolls for frequently-used roadways. Ask about the best way to acquire the toll device so you do not have to worry about correct change.

• Refuel option – When flight schedules are tight, sometimes travelers choose to pre-pay their final tank of gasoline. The car can be dropped off with any amount of gasoline without penalty since the gas was pre-purchased.

Ways to Save on the Rental Car Contract

When you rent a car Orlando Florida agencies will be even more affordable when you follow these common suggestions to reduce the overall cost of your rental agreement.

• Weekly rate – Even if your stay requires a six-day car rental, find out if the weekly rate would be less expensive. This technique is often suggested by a counter attendant, but online the savvy rental car seeker may not remember this important point.

• Refill gas tank – The least expensive way to stay in compliance with the requirement to return a car with a full tank of gasoline is to make your final stop a gas station close to the rental car agency. Omitting this detail could be a very costly decision.

• Limit drivers – Rental car rates are based on a number of factors including the number of drivers on the rental car agreement. Every driver must be listed to prevent invalidating the agreement. List one or two drivers on the agreement to keep the daily rate down to the minimum level possible.

• Do not over-insure – Prior to departing for your Florida vacation, contact your personal insurance agent to determine the exact coverage for rental cars. If your car insurance is sufficient, reject the car insurance coverage from the rental car company. Never drive without sufficient insurance to cover the risk of loss.

Special Offers

Ask about the special offers that are available in off-season times when rental car agencies want to rent more cars each day. Remember to look for senior or military discounts offered. Some specials are available for the traveler who will accept a less popular vehicle model to save some money. The opportunity to rent every car on the lot will cause the rental agency to offer some great deals to the flexible traveler.

Final Consideration

Every traveler plans to have a great time on vacation, but sometimes problems arise that must be addressed. Whenever a problem arises, contact the rental agency for any issues that arise with the performance of the car. Report any incidents related to loss or damage as soon as possible after having ensured the safety and well-being of all passengers.

Orlando Car Rental is committed to the satisfaction of our customers. If you have any questions between the time of making your reservation and the time you arrive, please contact us through email or over the phone. We would be glad to answer your questions and address any concerns you might have.